Magical sustainable pets, Vegas save our planet by eating only vegetables. Help them stay healthy to change the course of Climate Change.

Vega is an educational game for children, which provides resources to help families make the transition to a plant-based diet, by involving children in household cooking.

One of the most important global challenges is climate change. Through primary and secondary research on sustainability and cultural relationships to food, this project seeks to help change the way families eat today, but also the way they will come together to eat tomorrow.

The child needs to feed it, give it sufficient water, fruits, and caresses. Its environment and itself will only be happy and healthy if Vega is fed a plant-based diet. 

This gaming experience connects family members and allows them to introduce more vegetables into their diet.

By making the transition to a plant-based diet fun and engaging for families, Vega can make a contribution to combatting our planet’s climate crisis.

© 2020 Lucie Bole. Thesis, Parsons School of Design

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